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Legal Services

Company Formation and Corporate Restructuring

Our services include preparing founding documents, assembly resolutions, and shareholder agreements.

Real Estate and Construction Law

We are a reliable partner in resolving legal challenges in real estate transactions and construction projects.

Compensation Claims and Insurance

Our law firm specializes in handling compensation and insurance claims against insurance companies.

Contract Law

We advise on preparing and implementing various contracts at all stages of legal transactions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer comprehensive legal support for acquisition transactions, guiding buyers and sellers through the entire process.

Employment Relations and Compliance

Providing ongoing professional and legal advice on the rapidly changing field of employment law is crucial for a company's success.

Company Liquidation and Restructuring

We provide professional guidance through company dissolution, whether voluntary or forced.

Energy and Environment

We support clients in the rapidly changing energy sector, advising on legal transactions to manage rising energy prices and maintain market competitiveness.

Debt Collection

Maintaining payment discipline is crucial for business liquidity and stability.

Data Protection

Data protection is crucial in the digital age, ensuring individuals' privacy.

Representation in Disputes and Inspection Procedures

We focus on commercial, civil, and labor disputes, representing clients in judicial, extrajudicial, and inspection procedures.

Public Procurement

We advise clients in all stages of public procurement, from tender documentation to dispute resolution.

Civil Law

Our goal in civil law is to ensure fair relationships between individuals and business entities, pre-determining rules and procedures for resolving potential disputes.

Criminal Law

With extensive experience, we provide comprehensive legal assistance at all stages of pre-trial and criminal proceedings.